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19 Nov 2018 / Shaun Windram
Job Ads, Recruitment, Marketing, SEEK

Job advertisements are up there with the biggest cons of all time; the copy that makes it out is absolute BS 101, right from the get go. 

It's 27th October 2018, I opened up SEEK and went with this search...

9 Oct 2018 / Iain Budge
Internet of Things, Smart Homes, Technology

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a hot topic. Especially within in the IT community. It is changing lives by making it easier, more sustainable and fun! IOT is all about gadgets and I have to admit, I am a sucker for gadgets. I...

14 Jun 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Interview Tips, Interview, Recruitment

Job interviews are the most powerful factor factor in the job selection process, and a very effective l way for you to leave an impression and show what you can bring to the table. This means they hold a large degree of importance, which can make...

29 May 2018 / Shaun Windram
Interview Tips, Interview, Recruitment

I received valuable advice from a well-respected blogger to be consistent with your blogging...once a year is pretty consistent to me and let’s be honest, it’s about all any of us can handle.

Anyways, for around 12 years I’ve made a living...

8 May 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Interview, Tips, Recruitment

In the long line of job applications, resumes, and potential candidates, the best way for recruiters to find the best fit for the position is through interviews. Interviews provide a great opportunity to get to know a candidate’s personality,...

4 Apr 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Diversity, Workplace Diversity

There is a lot of hype and buzz in the business world when it comes to the topic of diversity. Embracing it in all environments inspire creativity and innovation, as well as respect and awareness. As diversity pushes its way back to the forefront...

28 Mar 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
IT, Agility, Agile, Presentation

We had the pleasure of being visited by Jeff Moodley yesterday, who is a thought leader within Melbourne’s Agile community, and has also been a long-standing CircuIT client.

The presentation was centred around AGILITY,...

26 Mar 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Easter, Competition

With Easter just around the corner, join in the Easter fun, and win this awesome CircuIT Easter Hamper, with goodies including chocolate eggs, Moet Champagne, Mumm Champagne, Balvenie Scotch and most importantly, a Penfolds RWT!!

Head on...

28 Feb 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Team Sports, Dodgeball, Active Melbourne

This past week, CircuIT has proved that in-office targets are not the only thing we can hit! Last Wednesday, the team joined Flagstaff Gardens to participate in the inaugural match of the dodgeball season, where we “dodged, ducked, dipped, dived...

1 Feb 2018 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Monthly Insights, Industry Insights, Technology

Here are a selection of insights from various CircuIT consultants for the month of January:

With CircuIT partnering with a number of sporting organisations and entities, Dinh discusses insights from his...

1 Dec 2017 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Monthly Insights, Industry Insights, Technology

Here are a selection of insights from various CircuIT consultants for the month of December:


Aden notes Elixir is becoming one of the most widely used functional programming languages in the current market,...

1 Nov 2017 / CircuIT Recruitment Group
Monthly insights, Industry insights, Technology

Here are a selection of insights from various CircuIT consultants:


Aden has found that Data is becoming the most useful resource to an organisation to promote growth. In order for a company to understand...


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