Finding that Perfect Job

Finding that Perfect Job

30 Apr 2013
Career Advice

These days many of us are falling into the trap where we work just for the pay check and not because we are passionate about what we do. We grumble about Mondays and count the hours down until it is Friday again. There is a saying 'Always do your very best in your job, but if you don't like what you're doing enough that you would do it for free, quit'.

If you are unsatisfied with what you do every day, it takes a toll on your physical and mental health. You may feel burned out and frustrated, anxious, depressed, or unable to enjoy time at home knowing another workday is ahead. What’s more, if you don’t find your work meaningful and rewarding, it’s hard to keep the momentum going to advance in your career. You are more likely to be successful in a career that you feel passionate about.

Whether you’re looking to enter the work force for the first time, just finished university or contemplating a career change, the first step to choosing a fulfilling career is to uncover the activities that get you excited and bring you joy – what will make you jump out of bed in the morning with an air of excitement about starting the day?

If you are completely unsure what you want to do, try taking a career test. These are rather good at identifying your personality strengths and determining what types of roles you might be best suited to.

However, if you do know where your passion lies then it’s time to start taking matters into your own hands. When it comes time to start looking for a new job, your first job or your dream job, you should start out by asking yourself a few practical questions:

  1. What's your definition of a dream job?
  2. What is your dream job?
  3. Who might be able to help you with your search? What's the best way for you to expand your job-hunting network? Do you need outside help from a recruiter or other professional service?
  4. What skills do you have to offer? What weaknesses do you have to work on?
  5. What's your biggest fear/anxiety about getting your dream job? What strategies can you use to overcome these fears?

Brad Smith, President and CEO at Intuit, said the best career advice ever received was from his father who said:

"Choosing the right job was not a sudden lightning bolt of realisation, nor was it for most of us something we knew we wanted to do since we were kids; rather, it was a process of trial and error -- a voyage of discovery."

So begin your voyage today!

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