Monthly Insights - June 2017

Monthly Insights - June 2017

3 Jul 2017
CircuIT Recruitment Group
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CircuIT Recruitment’s consultants are regular attendees and fixtures in Melbourne’s meet-up and tech industry night scene. We are passionate about our respective verticals, and learning about new trends and technical stacks that continue to shape the areas in which we recruit in. This allows us to have deeper connections with our respective clients and candidates.

This month, we have decided to share thoughts from a few recent meet-up night experiences from various consultants:

Miles attended The UX Design Group of Melbourne’s meet up night to learn about “Comics, Prototypes, and Fidelity” presented by Daniel Neville. Influenced by Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”, Daniel highlighted the parallels in understanding comics and understanding user experience. The key take away for Miles was; how using Scott’s Stylistic Pyramid can influence engagement in UX outcomes. At the top of the pyramid are simple geometric shapes, lines and colours that do not refer to something in the physical world. Images in the left corner area are labelled as ‘Reality’ which consist of detailed objects anyone can recognise. Images in the right corner are labelled ‘Meaning’ which consist of words or iconic and symbolic images that may require some knowledge or context. Shifting your communication, designs and results across the Stylistic Pyramid has different effects and levels of engagement on the end user, and finding the perfect balance for your target audience requires some trial and error (or solid research).

Iain, Aden and Ava attended a Java meet up night at Aconex, which focused on Hazelcast Jet which is an open source computer platform used for fast streaming, and batch processing of data. With a diverse range of developers from various domains, Hazelcast Jet was demonstrated to be highly efficient in each domain to ensure quicker processing of data moving forward, an aspect in which will benefit all developers going forward. Our key takeaway from the meet up night, is the ever evolving technologies we will be exposed to, the industry is highly dynamic and technologies are always being released and updated, and it’s important to be aware of up and coming trends in the market to understand what ‘the next bring thing’ will be.

Aoife and Dinh attended the DevOps’ Melbourne Meet-up. This event was a night of “lightning style talks”. Each speaker kept their chosen DevOps topic to a five minute limit. We were given a comprehensive understanding of FAAS, Containerisation, and a detailed overview of Velocity Engineering. A key take-home point was learning about how the key to increasing velocity wasn’t just technology based, but rather people based. This talk also explained how to gather data and use it to drive and promote cultural change. This month, Aoife and Dinh are looking forward to learning more about IOT and DevOps, alongside Dylan, who has recently joined the team, and will be focusing upon the Infrastructure and DevOps markets.

Brad and Louise have also enjoyed the learning opportunities provided by immersing themselves further into the communities in which they recruit. Firstly, it was gaining a deeper understanding of Terraforms at the #Alt.Net meet up night hosted at PageUp. Secondly, the Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne meet up organised by Rajesh Mathur provided excellent insight into the different approaches being taken in the market across all things QA. This covered emerging Test Automation tools developed right here in Melbourne, Test Managers providing insights in how to get the best out of their team right through to how to best positioning yourself when seeking a role in a competitive market.

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