Monthly Insights - May 2017

Monthly Insights - May 2017

1 Jun 2017
CircuIT Recruitment Group
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Here is a collection of Insights from several CircuIT Consultants from the month of May:


Iain’s insights are focused on Big Data technologies. Out of the two technologies, Iain’s clients and candidates have discussed the increase in interest towards Spark over Hadoop. That’s not to suggest that Hadoop is on the out, however given the nature of Spark, it has made the Hadoop model look slightly dated. Spark borrows some of the best ideas of Hadoop’s approach to extracting meaning from large volumes of data and updates them with a few solid improvements that make the code run much, much faster. Iain’s candidates also discussed the biggest benefit may be the way that Spark keeps data in fast memory instead of requiring everything be written to the distributed file system.


With the release of TypeScript 2.3, Miles is beginning to see a bit of hype move away from the highly lauded original JavaScript. TypeScript is Microsoft's attempt to add heavy-duty functionality to JavaScript. TypeScript is free and open source, useful for developing complex web applications and for weeding out bugs caused by wrongly specified data types in JavaScript. As a superset of JavaScript (which means it behaves identical to JS but with extra stuff added on), it’s now possible to move to Typescript without changing a line of code from JS, before slowly enabling code analysis features. It can be used to improve your code quality with OOP features and static typing
Further, TypeScript grants JS developers access to powerful tools & techniques for writing modern JS, coupled with the option to output ES5 or ES6 code. The Angular team even supports TypeScript as a major part of their framework update. As Microsoft continues to refine usability and functionality, it will be very interesting to see how quickly Typescript is adopted in workplaces.


Dinh discusses PHP, which has made somewhat of a resurgence in the past quarter with a number of CircuIT clients. In the past, PHP was a basic way to knock out a few dynamic web pages, with those wanting a bit more variety, embedding simple code between HTML tags (lol). It was considered a basic language, basic enough for web developers to embrace it, but not advanced enough to gain the respect from those who considered themselves as ‘best practice’ engineers. However, with the introduction of PHP 7.0, in conjunction with new tools including HipHop Virtual Machine, PHP has now doubled its speed, and executing, in some instances, code faster than NodeJS and Java. How times have changed.


A trend Aoife has noticed amongst some of her clients, is the marriage of DevOps and Big Data to create predictive analytics throughout the delivery cycle. Automating processes and configuration results in creating huge amounts of data. When machine learning is added to this, the data can enable you to predict failures and identify areas for optimisation in the pipeline. Aoife continually sees her client’s DevOps practices grow and mature, a trend which will surely continue to do so.


Brad would like to note a number of differing observations. Firstly, he talks about how it is now common practice for clients to request candidates complete a technical challenge prior to a face to face meeting. This serves as a strong indicator of whether the candidate is genuinely interested. After an initial phone discussion and completion of the technical test, it is becoming increasingly common for all the decision makers to be in the 1st round face to face interview. Speeding up the process of hiring has greatly improved the chance of Brad’s clients securing their preferred candidate. It is also becoming more common to see clients moving very quickly on good candidates, and also offering above market salaries to eliminate the competition. Secondly, senior Microsoft Technical candidates, with skills and ability to engage senior business stakeholders, are experiencing strong demand for their services. The demand is even higher when combined with a technical background covering Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, with Azure or AWS.


Aden has recently joined CircuIT Consultant as a Resource Consultant. Given he is still learning more and more about his chosen vertical (Digital / Development), he thought it would be instead prudent to discuss his (academic) life outside of work, whereby he is completing a Ph.D at University of Melbourne. His Ph.D project is titled ‘Best Learning, Training, & Development Practises to Increase an Employee’s Intention to Stay; A study in the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector’. It is the first Australian-based research paper that focuses on the most prevalent issues facing the NFP sector, namely retention rates. This project is a five year study, with 15 NFP organisations participating Australia wide. Essentially, it is a theoretical based study on the perceptions of learning programs on retention. Once data sets have been collated and analysed, participants will be randomly placed in three differing groups to test how different methodological learning programs empirically affect long-term employee retention within participating organisations. Given NFP organisations contribute 12% to the Australian workforce, it is imperative for these organisations to know how to utilise best practise to retain their talent, continue flourishing, and sustain their contribution to Australia’s overall GDP. The results of this research will be generalisable, so the corporate and government sectors will be able to utilise the practises recommended in this study, albeit with slightly different tweaks to application.


Louise references her recent client lunch with the Australian director of a global e-commerce house. Firstly, the business in question is utilising software products including ERP and CRM to incorporate powerful analytics and data visualisation features for their stakeholders, staff and customers. This has allowed her client’s business to become increasingly data-driven, whereby the CEO has named this as the most integral area of foci for the business. Secondly, Louise’s client has focused on case histories and success stories from rival businesses that have used data-driven solutions to increase revenue and profit, and in turn work on such cases to drive innovation and replicate early successes into new revenue streams.


Amie writes about keeping your resume simple and storing code online to showcase your skills. We see a lot of resumes, day in day out, and you can definitely learn a lot about a candidate from reading a list of their skills and accomplishments. Being in the IT Recruitment space, reading someone's actual code is so much richer and more instructive. Our clients can answer a lot of questions about a candidate, from a just a glimpse at their code.


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